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AMRO Platforms

SLS Core Stage Primary Structure

Advanced Manufacturing practices are used in the construction of lightweight metallic Isogrid and Orthogrid barrel panels. We have over forty (40) plus years’ experience to help fully optimize designs for mass reduction and ease producability. SLS is just an example of the significant structures we produce on key programs.

Vulcan Equipment Shelf

Very first Vulcan Equipment Shelf being readied for priming and final assembly. This is for ULA’s new rocket!

ORION Ti Forward Bay Deck

Forward Bay cover for the ORION Crew Module. This Titanium forging started out weighing 4500 lbs. and finished at 350 lbs. The ORION parachutes attach to this critical structure.

ORION Motor Adapter

AMRO’s new VTL is put to work here machining ORION’s Motor Adapter. Beautiful!

NGC Targets Program

Machining, forming and full-up assembly of a Targets structure. This project also included our Tool Design and Tool Fab team to construct.

NGC Multi Level Work Platform

This multi-level work platform is for our key customer Northrop Grumman in support of one of their classified programs.

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